BRAND manure double-joint mixer for PTO

Stable stirring technology modular system – Brand, good value for money! new applications

  • with functional joint
  • with  synchronous control (Patent)

Slurry double-joint mixer in heaviest construction

  • Max. Size B 90-10-80 for max. tank wall height of 6 meters
  • Ø 133m segment tube, for tractors from 130 PS

Quick coupler joints with synchronous control (Patent). The slurry mixer is particularly interesting for contractors, because it can be folded together with no additional effort for road travel.
A transport cart is available as an additional equipment for mixers from the length
of 80-10-70.
All mixers have a large-sized flange bearing every 2 meters. The drive shaft is interrupted and makes life lubricated ball bearings for particularly smooth running. The mixer can be subsequently extended.
To increase the operating range or in containers with more than 20 meters in diameter which offered as additional equipment lateral tilt of the mixer is helpful. The container can thus be stirred from one place.
Mixer with a total length of 16 meters or longer are fitted with hydraulic floor supports. For smaller Mixer these are an option.

Outstanding versatility by modular system

  • for manure silos, lagoons, pits, forced circulation systems
  • flexible, very easy to maintain, rotatable, pilotable, extensible
  • universally applicable

Your benefits:

  • value
  • pptimal function
  • omfortable
  • easy handling
  • argest mobility
  • can be adjusted when mixing in all functions
  • The stable BRAND modular construction ensures maximum performance and long life with minimal maintenance
  • Easy and rapid deployment capability distinguish BRAND Quality Products
  • The extension and retraction of the mixer can be done easily from the tractor seat
  • Effortless stirring even the roughest surface scum and sinking layers to uniformly homogenized slurry
  • With the BRAND quick coupling joint, the mixer can be separated in a few simple steps. It can also be easily taken out the middle piece, since the joints are combined. stable flanging and long life

Additional equipment

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