Electric mixer

Cheap alternative for closed pits with openings from 600 x 600 mm

 Hardened cutting blades Ø 450 mm with optimized tilt

         - chops straw and hay remains without wrapping
         - 3-way sealed

  • protective ring Ø 550 mm
    - Increases by narrowing the thrust of the agitation
    - as counter-cutter for cutting blades
    - Serves as a protection for the cutting blades
    - for small openings also available in split version

       Driveshaft in oil

  • Mounted lift column for continuously variable tilt angle of rake
  • Chassis galvanized with solid rubber tires for easy
  • transport stability by two extendable supports and two stands
  • Rake length:

        - 4 meters or 5 meters

       Electric motor protection class IP 54.

  • D circuit with reversing switch 380V / 32 A with plug coupling:
    - 7.5 kW  or 8,8 kW

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Headquarters BRAND