Brand gap Mixer Mini Mix

The gap Mixer is a channel mixer, which can be used in pig and cattle shed between columns.
The gap Mixer is available with different engine powers and sword lengths. It has a high stirring power for pig and cattle manure.

A product addition is the surface channel mixer Mini Mix Jet, which is used for example for mixing tanks or channels, in the stable, but only works with removal of a column.


Product Overview gap  Mixer

  • column Mixer Mini Mix S (pigs)
  • column Mixer Mini Mix R (cattle)
  • surface channel mixer Mini Mix Jet

For use between columns:

  • the pigsty: Minimum dimensions of the gap: 17 x 200 mm
  • in cattle: Minimum dimensions of the gap: 23 x 200 m

Cart width depending on the model of 550 mm to 725 mm (only without castors)

Mini Mix in the pigsty

Mini Mix Cattle

Motor power:

  • 5.5 kW (16 AMP connector)
  • 7.5 kW (optional 16 or 32 amperes)
  • 9.2 kW (32 amperes)
  • 11 kW (32 amperes)

Sword length:

  •      0.7 m
  •      1.0 m
  •      1,3 m
  •      1.5 m


  • Powder Coated Chassis
  • Reversing star-delta connection with special
  • Sealing of the switch axis    
  •  VA-sword with hardened NIRO shaft and  blades
  • Feet bearing made of special bronze with water-pressure lubrication
  •  With solid rubber tires
  •  Interlock system sword in slot position
  • Lateral pivoting full 360 ° (allows pivoting in transport position even with low ceilings)
  • sword infinitely rotatable

Special Equipment:

• Brand Safety Cart brake (patent) for convenient, back friendly starting and stopping (For columns mixers from 1.3 m bar length series)



• Casters with brakes (For column mixers from 1.5 m bar length series)





• Sword disguise as winding protection at high straw content


• Due to the sword exchange facility, another Mini Mix sword as JET  or others (same or shorter length) can be retrofitted

> German Press article on the slatted floor mixer

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