BRAND Joint mixer

Stabile stirring technology in modular design – BRAND Qualitäy that counts!

  • new applications
  • with functional joint

Slurry mixer with one joint, series


  • Leightweight supporting frame up to size B50-65 for a max. Container height of 3 meters, Ø 102mm segment tube, for tractors 70 - 100 hp


  • Medium weight supporting frame up to size B65-75 for a max. Container height of 5 meters, Ø 133/102mm segment tube for tractors from 100 hp


  • Heavy weight supporting frame up to size B90-85 for a max. Container height of 6,5 meters, Ø 133/102mm Segment tube for tractors from 100hp

With the Brand special coupling, the joint mixers can be simply seperated. Road travel is not a problem with the transport fixtures available as an additional equipment. All mixers are flanged every 2 meters and the shaft is interrupted. This ensures a particularly quiet run and the mixers can be extended. Joint mixers series L and M are available with a chain instead of hydr. cylinders. The mixers of the series J are equiped with hydraulic cylinders as standard. In order to increase the radius of action, or for containers with a diameter of more than 20 meters, a side swivel of the mixer is offered as an additional equipment. The container can thereby be stirred from one point.

Superior variability through modular design

  • for silos, tanks, lagoons, pits and forced circulation systems
  • flexible, easy to handle extremely easy to maintain, rotatable, swivable, extendable, universally applicable

More advantages:

  • Good value of money
  • Stable flane and longlife
  • Stable BRAND modular construction guarantees maximum performance and long service life with a minimum of maintenance
  • Easy handling
  • The mixer can be moved in and out easily from the tractor.
  • Effortless agitation of largest swimming and sinking layers to homogenized manure.
  • With the Brand quick coupling, the mixer is easy to seperate. The center piece can also be easily removed, since the joints can be combined with each other.

Additional equipment

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