Mixer pump Jet 500 / 700 / 1200

Straight 3-point connection for lagoons B02 J

Swing-sink mounted mixer B05

Joint mixer series M or J

Large stables with many channels can be stirred quickly and efficientlywith the new BRAND Jet-system.

Subsequent pumping out is possible by simple switching from stirring to pumping. Can be used for existing forced circulation system with a hole of 700x700mm.


Jet 700



B02-60 J2Z MP Jet 700




B05-50 MP Jet 700



Joint mixer pump J Jet 700

Jet 700 with a pumping performance of up to 20m³

Hose line guide 2 x NW150 to 1 x NW200

  • Mixer outer tube 133 mm
  • Quick coupling NW 200 for easy and fast hose connection
  • Position (height) of the two stirring nozzels can be aapted to customer requirements
  • Lagoon foot for use on foil

Jet 500




Joint mixer pump series M Jet 500

Jet 500 with a pumping performance of up to 12m³

  • 6" hose to the joint with slider and coupling
  • The position of the stirring nozzle (one) can be adapted to customer requirements
  • Siwtch over from mixing to pumping by hydraulic


Headquarters BRAND


Headquarters BRAND