PTP slurry Mixer

Rake B01, Straight 3-point connection B02, Swing-sink mounted mixer B04 and B05

B01 rake with Ø102 tube

  • Support brackets or wall brackets as required
  • Lowering bracket or 3- point flange connection possible
  • Lubrication line for fixed installation

B02 mixer for lagoons

  • B02-90J2Z
  • 2 yydraulic cylinder at the supporting frame
  • resistend powder coating

B04 swing-sink mounted mixer Ø102 tube

  • with hydraulic actuation
  • chain suspension with quick adjustment on request
  • hydraulic swing on request

B05 swing-sink mounted mixer Ø133 tube

  • with hydraulic adjustement
  • with hydraulic swing
  • with automatic lock


  • Positions of the propeller blades: suck, press or neutral
  • in the diamensions: 45cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm (series), 65cm, or 70cm

Or as an folding propeller

  • for small openings of minimum 20 cm


Extra equipment

Square stirring ring

Round stirring ring

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Headquarters BRAND


Headquarters BRAND