Submersible mixers

Power-submersible-Jet BR-TR-Jet 7.5 kW up to 22kW

The BRAND Power-submersible Jet pump was awarded with a silver medal at the Euro Tier (2010). It is an agitator with simultaneous pumping function and two nozzles for a jet stream. A specially shaped stirring impeller sucks the slurry into the housing and throws it out by two rigid outlet openings. The jet stream thus generated form an angle of about 90 ° and produces thrust to the floating cover in two directions.

The first agitating beam is directed tangentially to the container wall, causes the floating layer in a direction of rotation and solves these on the container wall.
The second agitator jet is aligned with the center of the vessel and cuts the floating layer. By aligning the agitator nozzles to the container base also sinking layers can be stirred. The time to homogenize is significantly reduced; thereby it is reducing the energy requirement. By engaging the agitator nozzles in a special foot piece at the tank bottom, the agitator can pump the liquid above the container wall.


Advantages and features:
Pumping and mixing with one device

  • Low cost
  • Energy saving
  • No loss of performance through a gearbox
  • Direct drive with 1450 U / min
  • Motor sizes 7.5kW - 30,0kw
  • Compact, slim design
  • Specially designed stainless steel stirring
  • impeller
  • Neutral forces by double agitator jet
  • With adjustable incline
  • Integrated Thermal Control System
  • Integrated leak sensor
  • 15m cable
  • Mechanical seal
  • Ease of use as a pump without refitting
  • Stirring from a level of one meter
  • Rapid and far-reaching separation of the floating layer of the vessel wall

Filling and removal station for container

6 "or 8" version

  • Stainless steel wall bushing

  • Additional security spindle slide

  • 6 "MZ-slide for emptying hose

  • Double lever set lockable

  • support wheel

Docking station for slurry pits

6 "or 8" version

  • side and rear filling

  • Work easier and save time

  • upgradeable at barrels

BRAND Submersible Mixer B3TR

Your advantage:

  • solid workmanship
  •  slim design, streamlined and energy efficient

  •  reclineable

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