Brand surfaces Channel Mixer Minimix Jet

The surface channel mixer Minimix Jet is a Mixer that is flexible and exerts its effect particularly in channels and wells. When used in a column stall one slat has to be removed. A large radius of action, an aggressive and double agitator jet working diagonally in two directions and at the same time contributes to the stabilization of the device and a high area performance in swimming and very low sink layers characterize the product. The Jet is available with different engine outputs and sword lengths and simultaneous pumping function. Conversion to a column mixer sword R / S is possible.

Technical Details


  • Shallow and deep channels and wells
  • mixing tanks



Minimum dimensions of the hole:

  • 300 x 330 mm (For use in the stable, a column has to be removed)

 Kart width:

  • depends on the model 550 mm (only without castors) to 725 mm



 Engine performance:

  • 5.5 kW (16 amp connection)
  • 7,5 kW (optional 16 or 32 amperes)
  • 9.2 kW (32 amperes)
  • 11 kW (32 amperes)



Sword length:

  • 0.7 m
  • 1.0 m
  • 1.3 m
  • 1.5 m


  • Powder Coated Chassis
  • Reversing star-delta connection with a special switch shaft sealing system
  • wide solid rubber tires with castors for easy transport
  • Side tilt at full 360 ° (allows pivoting in transport position)
  • Sword infinitely rotatable
  • Sword exchange facility e.g .: column sword with mixer sword for pig manure or cow manure

Additional equipment:

  • Flap control enables vertical stirring; ideal for deep channels







  • Mixing and pumping with one device easy adjustment by latching bolt.












  • With B-Coupling Connection (size 75-B)

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