BRAND Rühr- und Pumptechnik – the slurry technology specialist

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Innovative solutions for your success

We supply separation technology, power take-off shaft mixers, articulated slurry mixers and dual-articulated mixers, electrical and hydraulic slurry mixers, submersible agitators, pumps and others for pits, lagoons and elevated tanks.

Setting standards and delivering benefits

We ensure our customers benefit. Emanating from the BRAND Gülletechnik company, whose knowledge and experience fit perfectly into the overall profile of the Huning group of companies, we supply the agricultural sector, the biogas sector and municipal plants with high quality and innovative solutions.  

Development, design and production

The agitator and pump systems for tasks in animal sheds, as well as in biogas and slurry tanks, requires a great deal of expertise in order to ensure optimum solutions, effective slurry management and biogas yields. The interaction with the pump that conveys the liquid must be precise.