BRAND B08 electrical slurry mixer

Electrical gear mixer on chassis

  • 8.8 kW/12 HP electrical gear mixer with reduction gear unit to 600 rpm.
  • Paddle length: 4 m or 5 m 
  • Star-delta reversing switch (380V/32A) with integrated motor protection (IP 54)
  • Large reduction gear unit for high stirring performance
  • Mixer on chassis and all-rubber wheels with two extendible supports and support spindles
  • Infinitely variable inclination angle and height adjustment via hand winches
  • Vane-side bearing in continuous oil bath, including floating ring seal
  • Hardened cutting vane Ø 450 mm
  • Closed protection ring Ø 550 mm

Electrical slurry mixer (with or without power take-off shaft breakthrough)

  • Paddle with a stable, flanged, segmented design made of a Ø 102 mm pipe
  • Galvanised or with acid-resistant powder coating
  • Operated via 6-pole motor (11.0 kW to 22.0 kW)
  • Power take-off shaft breakthrough possible
  • Lubrication line made of high-alloyed steel or plastic
  • Large flange bearing for smooth running and high axial forces
  • 42 CroMo4 high-tempered connection shaft for high torques
  • Extraction or pressure vane Ø 600 mm (other vanes on request)
  • High quality vane bearing seal

Drive unit on concrete pedestal

For use with several stationary paddles installed and a power take-off shaft drive.

  • Gear motor (11.0 kW to 22.0 kW)
  • Concrete pedestal including forklift pockets for relocation

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