GMP JET 1200 now available as the JET 500 on the articulated mixer

The export hit from BRAND Rühr- und Pumptechnik is now available as a modified variant for the articulated mixer in addition to the dual-articulated mixer.

In order to enable the domestic economy to also benefit from the system, the JET system was adapted to the local conditions as the JET 500. It is now possible to use small openings of around 600 x 600 millimetres below the animal shed to stir and pump using the JET system.

On existing articulated mixers, the vane can be replaced with one element with the JET system for stirring and pumping so that both variants (with vane or with jet) can be used as required. Retrofitting the existing articulated mixers is possible on most mixers. The capacity of the JET 500 is around 12 m3 per minute. This BRAND innovation was presented for the first time at EuroTier 2016 and generated great interest.